Travel & Travellers are changing – and we’re here for it, are you? 

Imagine being able to offer your travel clients a life-changing experience that not only benefits them, but also has a far-reaching, positive impact on the people and communities they visit?

We’ve all heard of offsetting our carbon footprint, and limiting the impact that our adventures have on the natural environment. Now MEETCHANGEMAKERS is offering you and your clients the opportunity to have a positive impact on the social environment too.


Life-changing experiences for travellers & locals

MEETCHANGEMAKERS offers the perfect balance of travel experience plus social investment. Through meeting one of our innovative South African Changemakers, and learning more about their projects, your clients will enjoy life-changing, unique experiences, and invest back into communities at the same time.

Join our ‘social compensation’ initiative for travellers

Travel has the power to change the world. You and your clients can be part of this change.

By simply adding a social compensation fee to their travel booking, travellers can help the people of South Africa change their communities. This fee is donated to MEETCHANGEMAKERS, and gives the traveller the opportunity to personally meet up with one of our phenomenal Changemakers while they’re touring the country.