Our Changemakers – Your ESG Ambassadors


Is your company looking for a reputable ambassador? Does your company want to boost its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) standards and strive to make a positive impact in the world?

MEETCHANGEMAKERS will help you build a symbiotic relationship between your company and a Changemaker who will proudly share your brand and messaging together with their transformative work in their communities.

It has been proven that companies that invest in sustainability as one of the core foundations of their business strategy are rewarded with loyalty and dedication from employees, customers, suppliers, and investors alike.

Each one of our Changemakers has a proven track record, and a respected voice in their community. They are the perfect match for companies wishing to improve their ESG impact. By becoming part of the positive change, companies are able to tap into new markets, expand existing ones, and attract more socially-conscious investors.

Many of our dynamic, engaging, and inspiring Changemakers are available for events (virtually or in person), and are willing to participate in public relations, advertising, sponsorships, and customer loyalty projects.

Contact MEETCHANGEMAKERS, and we will match you with the Changemaker who best suits your brand and messaging.