South African Changemakers

Welcome Witbooi

From Gangster to Guardian

Welcome Witbooi is a former gangster leader who had to do what was needed of him to survive prison until one day when he decided enough was enough.

Jessica Dewhurst

An ‘everyday activist’ igniting extraordinary change

The Justice Desk was formed to empower the real Changemakers of South Africa so that they can effect change and defend it.

Kekeletso Tsiloane

Building a bright future, one brick at a time

Kekeletso is blazing a trail for recycling, social responsibility and grassroots empowerment with her certified plastic building brick innovation.

Saray Khumalo

First black African female to summit Mount Everest

She summitted more than a mere mountain. She also overcame unspoken stereotypes about what she could or couldn’t do because of her gender and race.

Brent van Rensburg

Brings hope to young people with his circus training school

Former famous trapeze artist Brent runs an academy for disadvantaged children in Cape Town, creating a future for thousands of kids

Shannon Brauer

Social Impact Foodie

With her company, Pure Good Foods, Shannon focuses on purpose before profit which aligns with the drive to make a difference and empower people.

Misha Teasdale

Planting hope and change

Wanting to offset the carbon footprint of his travel, Misha Teasdale decided to plant some trees.

Jackie May

Saving the planet – one story at a time

“We must change our thinking as everything we do and use should be to heal the planet..." says the founder of NPO, Twyg.

Hermann Vivier

Empowering youth through surfing

“It takes us at least four years to teach a child to a point where they can surf any wave the ocean throws at them,” says Hermann Vivier.

Sabelo Lindani

A Nature Conservationist who plants seeds in kids’ hearts

“What we are trying to achieve is quite simple: we seek to develop and inspire a love for nature. This is what we live for,” he said.

Balini Naidoo Engelbrecht

Making a fashion statement for the visually impaired

“I believe that what we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others lives forever,” says dynamic fashion designer Balini Naidoo Engelbrecht.

Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka

Pioneer, agriculturalist and author

“Not many people are pioneers or changemakers. It’s not easy. I don’t know where my path is going to take me. I might fail, and I might succeed.”

Murendeni Mafumo

Innovative Social Entrepreneur

“It’s a double edged sword. On the days I want to give up, I think about the seven communities relying on us for their clean water supply and am proud...

Janna Kretzmar

Transforming schools to be more holistic

Janna Kretzmar is set on transforming disadvantaged schools with holistic education.

Philani Dladla

From addict to author and Changemaker

“If only people could read more, it would change the way they think,” says Philani Dladla – a former homeless drug addict.

Danny Diliberto

A Love Activist who restores dignity

On the day that Danny Diliberto gave away his first cup of soup, he finally understood the life path he had to take.

Mandisi Sindo


Mandisi Sindo is passionate about the potential of the arts to empower people. “The arts go way beyond mere entertainment value”

Nonhlanhla Joye

Plant whisperer, cancer survivor & community farmer

“When you’re a mother and you know you have to feed your children, you come up with a solution. No matter what, I had to find a way”

Noluvuyo Mpekelana

Teaching coding to underprivileged communities

“Knowing that I’m paving the way not only for myself, but for other black girls, keeps me going. It’s the reason I don’t give up.”

Aaniyah Omardien

Marine Conservationist, building caring communities

Aaniyah fell in love with the ocean as a young girl and now works with international role players to protect and restore ocean ecosystems.

Rizah Potgieter

Passionate street artist pursuing positive change through art

“Your environment can influence you positively or negatively,” says street artist, graphic designer, and animator Rizah Potgieter.